our days in this class will forever stay with us .
Hear Our Rants
Entry title: 2E4 Class Party Appreciations
Date / Time : Thursday, November 26, 2009 / 12:14 AM

To all 2E4 students & teachers:

RE: 2E4 Class Party Appreciations

        Hey fellow classmates and teachers! Whether you have attended the class party or not, I would like to thank all of you. We have been in the same class for 2 years, nothing breaks us apart. For those who didn't make it, we understand your difficulties and I would like to thank you guys for informing me as well. For those who went to the party, I would sincerely like to thank you guys for making the party a success! 

        Although all of us will be seperated into different classes next year, I still hope you guys will greet one another during recess and before or after school. And the boys can still play soccer during recess and after school. As for the girls, well, maybe we will find you guys in the canteen or classrooms.

       For those who appealed the subject combinations, I wish you guys good luck! Next year will be a brand new year for all of us. Treasure your new classmates and teachers, don't slack next year which I planned to do. Next year onwards must study very very hard for "O Levels" ok?Those who want to slack with me, feel free to call me and we can go out shop, play, and drink kopi. GOOD LUCK FOR THE NEXT YEAR!

Yours sincerely        

Gervais Chee

Future Richest Man In Singapore  &  Asia, Some Say In The World

Entry title: Class BBQ Party
Date / Time : Saturday, November 21, 2009 / 10:50 PM
RE: Class BBQ Party

Hey guys! I apologise for my late update on the blog. After thorough consideration and planning, we have decided to changed the party at East Coast Park, instead at Sentosa due to some reasons. The details for the class BBQ party is as follow:

Location: East Coast Park
Date: 24 November 2009, Tuesday
Meeting time: 13 30
Meeting location: Macdonalds'
Ending time: ~NIL~ (as late as what you want)
Price to pay organisers: $5 - $20

We will also play some beach volleyball, frisbee and cycling. Please bring some extra pocket money. There will be food provided for both lunch and dinner. If possible, bring one extra set of clothes just in case we play at the beach.

For some emo emo people like me, we can go grab some kopi at McCafe. For some hyper hyper people like meldon, we can go run around the park.

Please contact Gervais to let me know if you're coming or not. For any enquiry, please contact Gervais also. If you don't have my number, get from other people. Thanks!

Yours sincerely
Future Rich Man In Singapore and Asia, Some Say In The World

Entry title: Done and over.
Date / Time : Saturday, October 31, 2009 / 8:32 PM
Hello my fellow beloved (?) 2/4 people~ We're like, uh, like, done with sec2, officially, unfortunately for majority of us. So, next year, we the awesome people, would not be in the same class. Thinking about it makes me depressed, suckzxc. So yeah, i'm finally posting here for well, like everyone the dedications :D

So for the girls, who i'll always remember no matter what. We've been through alot haven't we? With the um, heh, bitch fights and gossips and all those tiny useless things. But, still! I know we heartzxc each other right right. All 13 of us, even tho there's like fuck loads of guys, 21 ain't it, can actually work together you know. And i don't think i'll find another group of girls who are as awesome as the whole lot of you. Well, to some of you, i know i've gotten into bitch fights with you, but bobian right? Hahahaha, i am a bitch, okay, sometimes. Then to some of you, you have to withstand my crappyness, and my constant laughters. Then there's some of you, who are/were closer to me than the rest, i'll miss you girls. So yes, overally, i love the group of girls (: And i wouldn't forgetting Ho Ping's constant rebuttal to whatever Mr Woo wants or say. Then remember the 'Gay Marriage' debate (:

Then, there's the boys, and their constant "EH 2/2 GOT BALL! HURRY HURRY." and the "Eh, i challenge you Duel Master, you use your so and so deck." And not forgetting Melvin, Meldon and JunXian's hornyness. Ohwait, the whole group is horny. Well, those are the leaders la. Hahaha. OH, and the learning from MJ, the crotch grabbing ._. Tho, unfortunately not your own, but others. Tsk. Then there's the DS group too. Whole day, DS here DS there. And cos i'm so short, all you 'kind' people, like example Melvin (ahem), Yi Kai and Meldon, would tower over me ._. And people like Gervais, Truman and Zhi Neng used to be shorter than me, but now leh, taller ._. Wtf yes. And i remember making Bryan wash all the utensils after we cook, and i do all the cooking~ Hahahaha, and well, Bryan was the awesomest partner for alot of things. Plus he and his fringe ._. And constant long hair, hahaha. And i wouldn't forget Meldon, Yi Kai and Melvin's sense of humour, which never fails to send the class into laughters (: Remember sex ed? Meldon's supposedly pregenancy

Ahwell, then remember that time, on sports day. Hahahaha, 1st right (: Then the recent frisbee competition, 1st also. Mannn, not forgetting this EOYs, 1st for lit, geog, science and english. HAH! Bet we showed them the power of 2/4 right! Tho, i know not maximum one la hor? Must give the other classes some face, that's why only top 4 subjects.

Okay, i'm done with my grandmother post already (: Take care of yourselves next year okay. And i hope, everyone of you would get what you want and be happy about it :D And, i hope to see all of you at the class party okay, SOMEONE TON WITH ME LEHHH. K, joke~


Entry title:
Date / Time : Friday, October 23, 2009 / 6:26 PM
Hey guys!!! This is my second post, very happy leh. Lols... :)

Today our class get back all the results liao. Next week den receive our PPR. I'm so anxious and excited abt it. This time first position dunno is who. Maybe prasad can. :( But, I hope tat everyone in 2/4 will support Gervais Chee to be the first!!! Hehe... If I get first, hmm.... I will give everyone a FREE...... A4 size blank paper. Dun underestimate hor! Can use to write notes for "O" lvls one. ^^ Since our class haf 33 students, I nid to buy 32 papers, so expensive. Haiz...


Entry title:
Date / Time : Thursday, October 22, 2009 / 9:24 PM
Hey guys...

We haf alrdy received more den half of the results, jus left wif geog and lit. Although of us may nt haf gotten results tat are up to our expectations, I hope we will have the E2/4 spirit and cont to work even harder for the coming up O lvls. By the way, we will be receiving our geog and lit papers tmr during MT lessons. So... Good luck guys!!!

And for ppl who have been wishing tat I will get one of the lowest in class, maybe ur wishes will come true. My hist and MT paper has pulled me down lyk cock. I can only depend on the geog and lit papers liaoz. Lol....

Wif our sch days coming to the end, we're now anticipating 3 major events:
1) Clique Chalet (only for some ppl in 2/4)
2) Sentosa Outing/Gathering
3) Jia Tung's birthday party
This may be our last year, so I hope everyone will be able to turn up for the events. I will confirm the dates and release the info asap.

So tat's all I have for today. Good luck guys!!! I will try to post more often.... :)

Gervais Cheeee

Entry title:
Date / Time : / 8:08 PM
Oh my gosh .... exams so fast over and getting back results already .... Shitty shitty shit shit ?
For those people who got freaking high marks like Gervais and Prasad - i just have a few words to say. I HATE YOU .
No lah its not really hate ... its envy. Anyways well done .
For those people who didient get so high , I'll be looking forward to see you in the same class as me next year.
Just give a smile . : ) Eat a Potong Red Bean Ice-Cream
Lifeless - Truman

Entry title:
Date / Time : Saturday, September 26, 2009 / 9:39 PM
Exams are in 4 days. Nervousness. Anxiety. Fear rushing in.
Positive . Negative . Feelings that cannot be helped.
It is through these times that we learn the hardships in life that are never forgotten.
When u feel down, When u feel lost, When u feel like giving up, Look around. Look at the support and little encouragements from voices all around :

Amanda-Jane : Listen to the voice within, stick to your heart. When things are at their lowest, maintain a positive attitude which will help u brighten your day.
Jia Tung : Havent got the best results ? Try harder. Everyone can make it. Just reach within and do your best.
Priscilla - May your results be as sweet as your sweets
Yan Min - Believe in yourself. Push yourself. Through the times u scream and shout ear-piercing waves of sound, try your best.
Yeng Ting - A story of how a sotong spreaded its wings. Try not to sleep in class anymore. You've come a long way since we first met and hope u keep improving - dun be so blur.
Glenn - Dun be too stressed out. Exams may be important, but a breakdown would be even worst. Take time to relax. Maintain a positive attitude and u will do well.
Gervais - At least stop playing dota and start studying. If u try harder, u can and u will achieve even better results.
Jun Xian - lovebirds
Bryan - Good things come in small pieces. you've improved alot since last year and hope u will keep it up.
Meldon - For " hardwork always pays off " . pull out the discipline in your heart to try and study. With your High intelligence and a little hardwork , u will shine brighter than the sun.
Melvin - Try to find the motivation to study. u have the brains but it needs a little jumpstart for it to excel .
Yi kai - you've been trying. you've been hardworking. you've IMPROVED.
Forever - Truman

Hello Stranger
Hello .
Who are we ?
Lets give an intro shall we ?
Students of New Town Secondary E1/4'o8 , E2/4'o9 .
Noisy ? Yes , very . But we just like it that way .
Clever ? Yes . But just dont like dowant to use our brains so much . Dont want any headache .
So , stupid ? No , dont say that .
Funny ? A definite yes . So when you're with us , you'll laugh .
Scary ? No , if you're nice to us . Yes , if you're mean to us .
Loving each other is what we do best . Better than how a fish needs water , better than anything .
Hanging out with each other is a total must .
We just wanna stay 14 & childish , dowanna grow up .
So get used to it .
No matter what happens , we will stand as one .
Yup , that's simply us .

It's Us
Amanda-Jane Tan :D
` 27 Octoberr.
` Badmintonn.
Feng En :D
` 11 Aprill.
` Gu Zhengg.
Fong Yiqing :D
` 10 Aprill.
` Gu Zhengg.
Ho Ping :D
` 14 Augustt.
` Info Comm.
Angie Law :D
` 15 Febuaryy.
` Info Comm & Photographyy.
Lim Jiatung :D
` 18 Decemberr.
` Badmintonn.
Priscilla Lim :D
` 29 Aprill.
` Dancee.
Nurul Naqiyyah :D
` 01 Semptemberr.
` Photographyy.
Janice Sie :D
` 30 Marchh.
` Badmintonn.
Tay Yanmin :D
` 30 Junee.
` Badmintonn.
Teo Yengting :D
` 15 Novemberr.
` Bowlingg.
Deborah Wee :D
` 11 Mayy.
` Table Tenis.
Zhang Linhan :D
` 30 Aprill.
` National Police Cadet Corpss.
Andrian :D
` 12 Marchh.
` Shootingg.
Glenn Ang :D
` 08 Januaryy.
` National Cadet Corpss.
Arnold Akar Moore :D
` 29 Octoberr.
` Bowlingg.
Gerald Chan :D
` 28 Junee.
` Bowlingg.
Gervais Chee :D
` 10 Febuaryy.
` Bowlingg.
Cheng Woontien :D
` 25 Marchh.
` Shootingg.
Chua Haoyang :D
` 06 Novemberr.
` Shootingg.
Jiang Junxian :D
` 17 Aprill.
` Badmintonn.
Joshua Tan :D
` 14 Januaryy.
` Bowlingg.
Bryan Lee :D
` 14 Marchh.
` Bowlingg.
Meldon Lim :D
` 24 Aprill.
` Basketballl.
Lin Zhineng :D
` 16 Novemberr.
` Shootingg.
Loo Jinsen :D
` 18 Marchh.
` Bowlingg.
Melvin Phua :D
` 25 Mayy.
` Bowlingg.
Farhan :D
` 12 Novemberr.
` Shootingg.
Ng Jinglin :D
` 25 Augustt.
` Table Teniss.
Prasad :D
` 08 Augustt.
Sathesh Kumar :D
` 29 Decemberr.
` Info Comm.
T. Sathesh :D
` 21 Augustt.
Truman Tan :D
` 26 Augustt.
` Scoutss.
Tan Yi Kai :D
` 20 Novemberr.
` Bowlingg.
Irwan Shah :D
` 11 Octoberr.
` Soccerr.
Kim Minku :D
` 01 Febuaryy.
` Bowlingg.
we will remember each other. :D

Form Teacher:
Mr Wong Wen Chye.

Mathematics: Mr Wong Wen Chye.
English: Mr Jeffrey Woo.
Chinese: Mr Zhou Wen Jia, Mdm Jenny Wee.
Biology: Mdm Valli.
Chemistry/Physics: Mrs Chia.
Physical Education: Mr James Koh.
CME: Mrs Lena Ang.
Music: Mr Sem.
History: Mr Sem.
Literature: Ms Elizza Goh.
Geography: Ms Elizza Goh.
Design and Technology: Mrs Tan, Ms Lee.
Home Economics: Ms Jane Tan, Mdm Rabia.
Art: Mr Ho

Chairman: Bryan.
Vice-Chairman: Janice.
Secretary: Meldon.
Prefects: Gervais, Glenn, Truman.

Maths rep: Angie, Gervais.
English rep: Bryan, Deborah.
Chinese rep: -NIL-
Biology rep: -NIL-
Chemistry/Physics rep: Truman.
Physical Education rep: -NIL-
CME rep: -NIL-
Music rep: -NIL-
History rep: Gervais.
Literature rep: Deborah.
Geoghraphy rep: T. Sathesh.
Design and Technology rep: -NIL-
Art rep: -NIL-

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